Fine-art / documentary photographer, born 1985, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For the past seven years in his countless travels and roadtrips though Morocco, he has created “intra-Morocco”.
With an open outlook and positive focus, he explores the curious contradictions of Morocco and an increasingly globalised and interconnected world. From muezzins and nightclub DJs to the madness of wealth and the wisdom of frugality, he seeks to find what unites, rather than divides us. He is intrigued by the unique, the quirky, the surprising. Through his eyes we see the world as a mesmerising, colourful place, full of hope and wonderment. Yet we feel a melancholy lurking. Can there be light without darkness?

Now, a new project is appearing on the horizon as he sets out to explore the fast changing urban and rural landscapes of Myanmar. A country that recently woke from a decades long slumber. With profound curiosity he sets out to experiences and document the diversity and contradictions that are a base condition for man.